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We utilise traditional and non-traditional design processes to co-develop projects with our diverse network of partners, communities, stakeholders and clients. Alongside conventional architectural processes (concept design through to construction period) we often work with placemaking tools, design thinking methods and other creative practices to achieve diverse outcomes, depending on the goal.

All projects we embark on are underpinned by relational ways of working that entail an acute awareness of power asymmetries when working with diverse groups of fiscal and non-fiscal “owners” of projects. We generally move through three key stages of an iterative design process where we,

  1. ‘Respect and recognise’ through building relationships and valuing what is there,

  2. ‘Imagine and reflect’ by collectively developing knowledge to co-create ideas, and

  3. Engage in ‘collective action’ by co-developing diverse and culturally sustainable implementation pathways.

Say hello to us if you are keen to hear more about how we might approach or co-develop a project with you.